Event type : The Second Edition of the First Conference on the Licensing Industry in MENA

Date: 27 February 2024

Location : Sofitel Downtown, Dubai

Six panels during this conference

This is an exclusive, by invitation only event.


"Licensing Horizons"

Building on the success of the first edition, the theme for this year’s conference is ‘Immersive Odyssey: Bridging Real and Virtual Worlds in Brand Licensing.’ The event will feature insightful conferences and panels discussing the future of licensing in the MEA region. Additionally, there will be pitches on key licenses with great potential in the region, and a highlight of the afternoon will be the Licensing Awards ceremony, where we will recognize champions in various areas.

Session 1: Exploring the Synergy of Licensing, Media & Sports

Overview: This panel aims to shed light on cutting-edge licensing strategies, the significant role of entertainment within the sports industry, and how artistic creativity is revolutionizing the way audiences engage. Our panelists will highlight new opportunities for collaboration and emerging trends that unite these dynamic fields. Expect a session packed with insights on driving innovation at the crossroads of licensing, media, and sports.

Session 2: Real Immersive Experiences: Location-Based Entertainment (LBE)

Overview: Uncover the significance of location-based entertainment in immersive brand licensing through an engaging presentation. The speakers will discuss LBE trends, share successful case studies, and explore the integration of cutting-edge technology, such as VR and interactive installations, in physical experiences.

Session 3: Exploring Innovations in Virtual Immersive Experiences

Overview: Dive into the cutting-edge technologies that drive immersive experiences, offering a look into how these tools are shaping the future of interactive environments and digital storytelling. Attendees will gain valuable perspectives on the practical applications and transformative potential of immersive technologies in various sectors, including entertainment, marketing, and event planning. This panel is a must-attend for those interested in the forefront of immersive experience technology.

Session 4: Art, Licensing, and Immersive Experience in Visual Art

Overview: Embark on a creative journey with a distinguished panel of renowned artists and licensing experts. Explore the evolving landscape of visual art in the context of licensing and immersive experiences. Our speakers will delve into how art licensing has become a pivotal force, enabling artists to extend their influence beyond traditional galleries and museums.

Session 5: Immersive horizons: Brand Licensing in the era of generative-AI 


Discover how generative-AI reshapes brand experiences, surpassing traditional personalization. Explore into dynamic narrative crafting for heightened consumer engagement and examine the predictive prowess that anticipates desires. Witness a live demonstration of generative-AI’s practical application in brand licensing, that leverages AI algorithms to navigate private databases, empowering businesses to make informed decisions by selecting licenses with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy

Session 6: Shaping the Future of Immersive Licensing

Overview: This closing keynote will distill the day’s key insights and preview the future of immersive licensing in the evolving entertainment industry. Expect a concise overview of breakthrough discussions and a forward-looking perspective on how emerging trends will influence the sector with an insightful wrap-up and a glimpse into what’s next in entertainment and licensing.

Expert Speakers

The Licensing Horizons conference features an impressive lineup of speakers and panelists, all of whom are experts in their respective fields.

Amer Bitar

CEO of Markettcom

Amer, a leader in brand licensing in the Middle East and North Africa. With 20+ years’ expertise, he drives business growth, boosts revenue for premier brands, and excels in strategic partnerships.

Philippe Guinaudeau

Founder & CEO of BrandTrends Group​

Philippe Guinaudeau,  31+ years in global marketing, specializing in durable goods, retail, and brand strategy, with a unique focus on children, youth, and families across continents.

Hans Fraikin

Global Media Advisor

Hans, 25+ years in global media, led Abu Dhabi Film Commission to 140% YoY growth. Ex-CEO of QFTC attracted $1.5B investments and forged Hollywood partnerships. Expert in coproduction. Former Twentieth Century Fox and 2-term AFCI Board member.

Jamal Joratli

International Artist

Jamal Joratli, a distinguished contemporary artist, blends traditional and modern themes globally. His diverse upbringing and deep emotional depth shape his pivotal role in modern art, inspiring a new generation through innovation and mentorship.

Matthieu Sussaye

CEO of Pulse Partners

Matthieu Saussaye, collaborates with industry leaders like SBB, Orange, and Enel. His AI studio focuses on LLMs, NLP, and ML, offering workshops for AI ventures. As a speaker at events, he empowers individuals and businesses to harness AI for growth and innovation.

Emily Foreman

GM at Collaborate Middle East

Emily, a global leader with rich experience from Royal Caribbean to Formula 1. Born in Singapore, based in KSA and Dubai, she crafts unforgettable experiences, contributing to multi-million dollar brand growth.


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